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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass reduces the potential for danger or injury if broken. This versatile and affordable material is a universal building code requirement for shower enclosures, windows, doors, walls, and many other commercial and residential applications.

Tempering is a thermal process that creates exterior compression and internal tension, resulting in a glass that is four to five times stronger than annealed glass. If breakage occurs, it crumbles into thousands of small chunks, rather than splintering into shards. At Vectra, all tempering is done in-house, which translates to savings and shortened delivery lead times for our customers.

HOW TO IDENTIFY TEMPERED / SAFETY GLASS? ACME's tempered glass is SGCC Certified and has a safety logo which is permanently etched into the glass in compliance with federal regulations. Our current label, shown in the example above, has our Company Name . The Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC) is the largest independent third party that inspects and tests tempered glass to confirm that the manufacturing process of the product is the same as it was when tested. The SGCC is a voluntary organization which insures all manufacturers and fabricators are complying with the laws that govern these products. Satisfactory participation in the Council allows the etching of the SGCC logo permanently onto the glass as notification that the glass has been properly produced and is truly safety glass. Vectra Glass has established internal quality standards with the goal of achieving very high-quality tempered glass. Within our manufacturing process is built-in hourly testing which monitors breakout patterns, compression levels and optical glass performance to ensure we are always in compliance to not only meet, but exceed federal specifications for both ASTM C1036 and C1048. Please note: NO LOGO is possible under special conditions and must be discussed during the quote and ordering process.

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