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  • Available in 5mm (3/16 inch) Thickness
  • Silver , Bronze , Grey and Black 
  • Cut in any shape and design
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Bronze mirrors have an orange-copper hue. They can be used when you want to add warmth to a space. Any light that reflects in a bronze-colored mirror glass tends to create a fire-glow lighting effect, adding a soft warmth in a subtle way. For spaces where you have a lot of light, a bronze-tinted mirror works well. Instead of having the bright brilliance of a silver mirror, the amber-golden bronze hues are working to reflect back the light in the room in a gentler way. Bronze mirrors also look fantastic with metallic elements like copper fixtures and gold-colored furniture. Contrast with plenty of greenery and plush furniture for a warming, luxurious atmosphere.

  • Environment friendly

  • A reflective surface made of bronze, an alloy of copper and tin.

  • Alloy ratio: Typically, bronze mirrors consist of 88-90% copper and 10-12% tin for optimal properties.

  • Easy processing and installation

  • Optical quality and durability

  • Enhance interiors

  • Achieved through abrasive materials like sandstone or pumice, followed by polishing with a cloth.

  • Thickness Availability 5mm