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About Us 

Where innovation and quality in the glass fabrication industry coexist. With 30 years of industry expertise and a relentless commitment to quality, we have established ourselves as leaders for the Canadian glass fabrication sector.


At ACME GLASS , we are not only a glass fabricator; we are proud to be a Canadian company operated in the Lower Mainland Vancouver area, in the diverse and vibrant landscape of Canada.

Our team produces top-performance fabricated glass products for interior and exterior use. You will discover our architectural glass products in homes, offices, and other architectural structures.

At ACME GLASS we believe in preparing orders on time, to ensure customer satisfaction. Our order management process is our top priority to ensure we meet your project deadlines and have orders competed accurately. We always push ourselves to do the impossible because we believe that the applications for glass are limitless.

Glass Panes

Our Story

In 1992, Lakhwinder Sahota established Acme Glass, initially offering glazier services known for their commitment and sterling reputation across the province. By 2020, Acme had evolved, venturing into the art of glass fabrication, offerings wide range of products to GLAZIERS AND WHOLESALE. As a family-owned business, Acme seamlessly transitioned ownership to successive generations, ensuring a legacy of exceptional service. Today, Acme Glass stands as an industry leader, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, all underpinned by an unwavering dedication to excellence and community engagement.

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